April 26, 2015

Different Types of Evaporative Coolers

If you are planning on getting an evaporative cooler for your space, you might want to check out all your options.  There are many types of evaporative coolers you can get for yourself.  Depending on your specific need and situation, you can get a system that is best for you.  There is an evaporative cooler for practically anyone.

Evaporative coolers are the most affordable variants of cooling systems.  This is because their functions are very simple and they consume a lot less energy, especially when you compare them to traditional air conditioning systems.  They work by using cooled water.  This water is processed through a ventilating system, which in turn, distributes the cool air across the space.  Amidst being so affordable and energy-efficient, evaporative coolers are as effective as traditional air conditioning systems.

Types of Evaporative Coolers

The first type of an evaporative cooler is the old-school misting fan.  The misting fan is the most low-end evaporative cooling.  This simply directs bursts of water vapor into an industrial fan, which spreads it in the area.  This doesn’t work for everyone as it is a bit crass.  This is great, though, for open space like waiting sheds.

A more common type of cooler is a direct evaporative coolers.  This uses a water pad, which is bombarded with blowing air.  This type of evaporative cooler contributes a lot of humidity, so this is a good system for dry/arid areas.

A more advanced edition of the cooler is the indirect or two-stage cooler.  A two stage cooler uses a heat exchanger instead of direct air and water contact.  This contributes less humidity and can work well for indoor cooling.

Each of these evaporative systems is energy-efficient, effective and nature-friendly.  If you live in a dry and hot area, this would be the perfect system for your space.